Zerethyr is the closest large galaxy to Urakaya, and is known to Terrestrials as Andromeda. It is home to many currently-engaged Communion species, including the Zerzev and Rimorr. “Zerethyr”, the common Azgabol name, derives from the zerzev name for their home galaxy.

Urakaya and Zerethyr are connected by at least two Warp Gates. The oldest is the main gate, from Vergence. The second gate, the Arcturus Gate, was created at great cost by the zerzev much more recently.

Notable Civilisations

The so-called Great War did not set back galactic civilisation in Zerethyr as it did in Urakaya. As a result there are a great many widely-dispersed and technologically-advanced cultures active in Zerethyr. The zerzev are the most welcoming of these powers and are generally seen as a benign influence on the less-developed civilisations. The rimorr are widely feared and were seen as a threat to Urakaya by the Ancestors; while the Pellen are amongst the most mysterious civilisations in known space.


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