The Thothan Swirl

The Thothan Swirl is the ancient Communion common name for the satellite galaxy known to Terrestrial astronomers as the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is a dwarf irregular galaxy with an even smaller companion, the Lesser Swirl or Small Magellanic Cloud.

The Swirls are inhabited, mostly by former colonies of Batulathras. These settlements were established during the First and Second Golden Ages, and during the Dark Ages and other periods of often self-enforced isolation they became completely, and in some cases traumatically, independent. During the periods of isolation the colonies of the Swirls developed distinct cultures and some became significant local powers. For most of recorded time, however, Batulathras has been recognised in the Swirls as the centre of a loose cultural and economic hegemony.

During the rule of the Corsair Kings in Batulathras, the Swirl Stars serveed as the private fiefdoms of the more aggressive and ambitions pirate-lords. While Batulathras was able to mitigate the worst excesses of the Corsairs, some the worlds of the Batulathran hegemony suffered far worse oppression or exploitation than the Lonely City.

Notable Locations

The Thothan Swirl

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