The Fall and the Free Ships

The Great War was such a long and devastating conflict that it the civilisations of the victorious Alliance were stressed to breaking point by the time the Scae were apparently exterminated. In the resource-poor, exhausted post-war environment, many advanced sparefaring cultures began to disintegrate. The technology of the Alliance cultures saw a general regression and many former allies fell upon one another in conflicts over treasures that were commonplace a generation ago.

The Ancestors

The Ancestors built the Alliance and their collapse was the catalyst for its disintegration. During the war the Scae enemy was able to strike at the Ancestors with a weapon that attacked their social structure. It may have been some form of bioweapon or a more exotic, but the effect was to destroy the symbiotic relationships between the caste-species. Mutations, madness and aphasia wracked the Ancestor’s civilisation, with the result that they were dying as they finally defeated the Scae in the battleground of the Troll Stars.

Other Fallen Civilisations

All of the civilisations that committed themselves strongly to the war were involved in the Fall.

  • The ss’qar: an acomplished and diverse civilisation the ss’qar homeworld was obliterated by the Scae – legend has it, as a result of a terrible betrayal. All that remained of the culture was its proud militant wing, a vast fleet that returned from victory to find itself orphaned.
  • Batulathras: the Lonely City was an important command and control centre for the Alliance and provided the forces fighting the Scae with the most advanced technology. Direct attacks and a post-war economic collapse precipitated a fall into another Dark Age.


  • The durak: during the Great War the durak were a young and peaceful civilisation. They played little part in the fighting but provided medical and logistical support on a large scale. This experience actually resulted in rapid technological and economic development for the durak. Naturally isolationist, they kept to themselves during the Fall and emerged as a major power in the next millennia.
  • The vraisi-wri: before the Great War reached the outer arms of Urakaya, the vraisi-wri believed themselves to be safe from the Scae, who had driven them from their home systems and hunted their species to near-extinction. The war further traumatised this un-forgetting culture, and all the surviving colonies are highly secretive today.

The Fall and the Free Ships

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