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This is a general, public reference resource for all Aphelion players. It covers (or will cover!) background, not rules, and is only intended as an overview of the Aphelion universe, not a complete and comprehensive guide.


At the moment, my idea is to use this Main Page like a contents page, with links to major sections and links to more specific sections branching from those pages. We’ll see how it develops, of course – but I’ll come back to the Main Page to gather the threads together from time to time.

The Aphelion Setting

The most general and essential background information…

Known Space

Known Space in the present era includes three galaxies, many halo stars and several discrete satellite galaxies including the Thothan Swirl, home to the Thoth binary system and the city of Batulathras.

The galaxies of Known Space are:

Although it is possible to move between galaxies using the Drift, this is usually slow and always dangerous. Long-distance travel, especially intergalactic travel, is best undertaken using Warp Gates.


One of the key features of the Aphelion setting is that it encompasses a lot of history. In fact, with beings from previous, extinct universes and parallel time-lines, there is more history than any mortal mind can comprehend here. The following list includes events that are likely to have a bearing on a campaign set in 2297 or later with a human bias, but it is not an exhaustive list of important events in Communion history.

Major Powers

Major Personalities

No, the player characters in any campaign do not qualify, unless they really have achieved some ridiculously high status. Orma cen Karou might just qualify, if she makes a success of New House Karou; likewise, Yan Yogel – or his mother, Zal! – might feature, if the Vogel clan’s ships and facilities become any more significant.


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