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The Dark Decade adventure log is now up and running!

While the Obsidian Portal wiki will be a general Aphelion reference, the adventure log is going to be campaign-specific. I will hopefully post a game summary for each session, and prologues, interludes and epilogues may appear, if it seems appropriate. As the Dark Decade campaign runs through an eventful period, I’ll also put news of major events up as blog posts.

All players are invited to post in-character. Diary entries, letters, notes to crewmates or ship’s logbook entries could all be used to record your character’s point of view. Please try to keep these IC posts more-or-less in synch with the chronology of the GM posts, however. In other words, people should feel free to post IC logs relating to the last game on the log from now until the next game, after which I’d appreciate it if you’d only post logs that your character makes, before the next adventure. If in doubt, don’t post between GM log entries without checking with me.

Note: when posting blog entries, Obsidian Portal allows you to set the date to whatever you like. I will use the in-character start dates of the adventures as the post dates. Please take note of these when posting your own entries, so the chronology of the campaign is clear.


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