A Black Crystal Railgun!

weapon (ranged)

A starship scale Railgun, interwoven with Black Crystal, capable of killing you before you even realise that you’re under attack and with the ability to defeat enemies who would normally have already foreseen you were going to be attacking them a week last Wednesday!

Currently lying at the bottom of one of the stranger oceans we’ve come across. Did we mention it’s a Black Crystal Railgun!

Also linked in to an Ephradan “Cathedral”, which allows it to defeat enemies with the “Detect your aggressive thoughts Last Wednesday” ability. This is an artefact of immense cultural significance, use with care!


The ship was the UNS Longinus Lance, a mobile weapons platform created with Ephradan help to destroy the durak base in the Delta Pavonis system, a strategic move that should have ensured New Blood victory by shutting off the Ursan Clans’ access to the Sol Sector. The ship was equipped with a railgun that used weaver-jump technology to accelerate a projectile to relativistic velocities and an ancient ephrini artefact – a crystaline psionic amplifier called a cathedral, one of the devices left behind by the power which “uplifted” the ephrini and spread them across their many homeworlds a million years ago. The cathedral had originally been “set” to produce a cloaking effect, but the crew of the Longinus Lance had been able to rearrange its elements to project a signal that another cathedral could detect. The humans aboard, the ephrini captain revealed, were all technicians and engineers first and foremost, but there was a force of 15 “True Imperial” Moderati in the area. The New Bloods and the Ephradans were maintaining radio silence and using their psionics sparingly to avoid detection, which meant that the PV crew still had the element of surprise – but that the Moderatus genuinely did not know where the other ephrini warriors were.

A Black Crystal Railgun!

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