Yan Vogel

Captain of the FS Positive Vector



Yan Vogel is a human with blond hair blue eyes and the wiry physique of someone who has spent most of his life in space. He usually seen in a blue and green free guild ship suit, with a tattered leather jacket, which might even be an earth antique.

The Vogels

The free guild traded with many people across the earth before formally introducing itself in the year 2000. One such people was a family of merchants from the netherlands, who set up a trade outpost in the Dutch Antilles in the 17th century. After meeting with the strange travellers and trading sugar and tobbacco for medicines and tools some members of the family were offered the chance to travel the galaxy and become members of the free guild. Now the Vogel family is a small and vital clan within the the castleship Uthari, the family name has got a bit more notorious since Yan’s successes during the blood war and many consider them wise, talented and canny captains.

Members include; May Vogel, captain of the 25th hour; Zal Vogel captain of the opportunist; Yan Vogel captain of the positive vector.

Early life

Yan was raised as a Free Guilder aboard the starships captained by his mother, he learned the ropes from a young age and became a precocious lad with starships on the brain,a lwasy more interested in the ships themselves than the actual trading he set his sights on beoming a scavenger. The Guild was a formative part of his life and he lives by its code that one cannot steal, must offer fair trade and that you must abide by the rules of the system that you are trading with so that trade can continue.

He has been rewarded with the captaincy of the positive vector for his actions during the defence of a free guild merchant vessel against pirates during translation to the Thoth system. He was the pilot of the vessel which was separated from its convoy and during the attack he remained on the bridge while the rest of the crew hid in the storm shelter and defended the merchant until the convoy escort could arrive.

Captain of the Positive Vector

Yan was rewqearded for his bravery by being given a brand new experimental spaceship, the positive vector, he put it to good use and has now earned a name as a reputable starship captain.

During the Blood War

Yan has had a dangerous few years on board the Positive Vector, but the ship and rag-tag crew
have performed admirably and have the distinction of being one of the first ships to answer the Uthari’s call to arms. Yan is now a reputable space ship captain in the Guild and among the Uthari: he and his crew are known as the “heroes of Delta Pavonis” for their brave actions in upholding the code of the Free.

Vogel Rock

Yan owns a manufacturing facility around Vergence, vogel rock, which is positioned to make a profit from the scavenging fallout from the Blood War, he has worked hard to get the operation up and running with considerable help from Bourhylememe. It is now producing Vector pattern scavenger vessels for the Uthari family and Wolverine class fighters for batulathuras. It is curerntly run by Suki Uthari and Jon Oaker. The 25th hour is undergoing commisioning trials there.

Yan Vogel

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