The Story So Far

Before the Storm

The Uthari free ship family launched a prototype long-range salvage craft called the Positive Vector in early 2293. The PV was to serve as a test bed for a number of newly rediscovered technologies, notably an advanced sensor array and plasma-based armament. The new crew was lead by the young Yan Vogel, son of the influential trader Zal Yogel, with the older, more experienced Alaam Nerana as his second-in-command.

In its first missions the PV performed admirably and proved the value of its expensive experimental systems. The OSSA total surface area sensor suite enabled the crew to track clandestine Terrestrial activity in the Vergence system, which lead the crew into an early encounter with a Scae and and aerenthrin, while the ship won widespread renown during a rescue operation within the damaged Vergence-Thoth warp gate, fighting off privateers out of Batulathras while pushing the battleship House Pryetas to safety and exile in Vergence space.

The ship’s final mission before the outbreak of the Blood War was the salvage of an Ancestor vessel discovered by independent human colonists beyond the Convention Sphere. During this job the crew came into direct conflict with forces of the UNE, and recovered the wreck only after heavy fighting on the ground and in the air above the dig site.

The Blood War

In late 2293 strategic tensions in the Sol sector broke and the UNE attacked ships of the Ursan Clans based deep within its territory, triggering what became known as the Blood War. Many insurrectionist factions across human space took the opportunity to ally themselves with the the Clans against the New Blood-dominated regime. Keen to increase their power at the expense of the ursids, the Ephradan Imperium and the Meggiran Dominion declared their support for the New Bloods.

The Uthari Family, like the rest of the Guild, was neutral in the war, and the PV continued to trade with both sides. During “hot drops” into contested territory the crew established good reputations with both sides: always acting principally to protect their own lives and livelihoods, the crew’s actions help to save an Old Blood base from psionic assault and negotiating a prisoner exchange for the New Bloods.

When the New Bloods closed off the Vergence-Delta Pavonis warp gate, the Uthari Family dispatched the Positive Vector to deliver an ultimatum and, if possible, to disable the minefield surrounding the DP gate. The neutral Communion was shocked by this development, because the powerful durak had maintained a habitat in the DP system for many centuries, guaranteeing its neutrality. Somehow, the New Bloods or their allies had destroyed this habitat and siezed control of the volume. One of the Uthari’s top intelligence officers and a Old Blood agent working in the neutral underground fringe community on Asphodel helped the crew plan a three-pronged attack, securing access codes to the minefield that allowed the PV to take on the New Blood UNE warships defending the gate on equal terms. The battle expanded as UNE reinforcements arrived from Elysium, but Michael Bishop was able to gain control of the mine control system and the PV held the gate until the Opportunist and the House Pryetas arrived from the other side of the gate.

The crew of the Positive Vector are now known in the Guild as the Heroes of Delta Pavonis.

In 2296 some PV some crewers participated in an Uthari mission to help destabilise the New Blood regime by rescuing Davis Roth, and investigative reporter with evidence of Governor Eisen’s shadowy activities in occupied Batulathras, from neural jail. During this mission the durak finally took their revenge, breaking the seige of Sol with overwhelming force and bombarding Earth.

Another War

One of the PV’s original crew had disappeared while trying to investigate the strange, then unknown, entities encountered on the the ship’s very first independent mission. Several years later the small and eccentric Waylander Family contacted the PV, offering to answer many of their questions, and to prove that there was a real and imminent danger from a supposedly defeated and extinct civilisation: the Scae, who had caused the collapse of almost all major civilisations in Urakaya some eight thousand years ago.

The PV crew, resting after their success at DP, began investigating the Waylanders’ discredited claims and uncovered evidence of a vast conspiracy to suppress the evidence of something sinister. They launched a joint mission to a system identified as a “”/campaign/aphelion/wikis/nestworld/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>nestworld" by the Waylanders, and there they discovered a strange hollow world serving as a manufacturing bases and – apparently – a prison for large populations of captured beings. Unfortunately the infiltration team was detected and forced to flee after sustaining significant injuries and one fatality. With the sky closed by Scae forces, Yan Vogel plunged into the planet’s hollow core to make transition. In the process he disrupted the fields that sustained atmospheric pressure in one of the prison-cities and killed an estimated five thousand ursigens…

The mission was a success, but Captain Vogel is scarred both physically and mentally by his experiences. The Family has, however, acknowledged the Scae threat and is lending its credibility to the Waylanders’ calls for the Urakayan community to prepare for war.

The Restoration of House Karou

One of the PV’s junior crewers, Orma cen Karou, came aboard with a grand ambition to restore her Batulathran line’s honour and fortune in the City. By 2297 she had prepared the ground and saved enough to hire her own ship to “salvage” the House Karou shipyards, occupied by the pro-Eisen House Quidaon. After a series of battles and political manoeuvres, Karou High Yards were secured for the restored House Karou, and Orma moved from the Guild to the City to become a Knight of the Exchequer.



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